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We acquire and manage assets worldwide in:

LifeScience Investors Group AG is specialized in corporate groups, corporate spin-offs, special situations (turn-around situations) and succession planning of private and group assets and companies. In the long term, LifeScience Investors Group AG aims to strategically realign the acquired companies and lead them to sustainable growth. In this approach, entrepreneurial autonomy has proven to be the ideal long-term concept.

The shareholders and investors of the LifeScience Investors Group AG are entrepreneurs who are accustomed to making independent and swift decisions. We consider ourselves as an “Executive Private Equity Group”.

The partners and investors of LifeScience Investors Group AG invest in the equity of a portfolio company on a case-to-case basis.

Nevertheless, the actual operations management of the company always remains within the hands of the company’s own and experienced
managing directors


LifeScience Investors Group AG invests in companies that embody traditional corporate values worthy of development.


The investors of LifeScience Investors Group AG are predominantly independent, high-net-worth private investors as well.


The LifeScience Investors Group AG team consists of qualified
partners who have experience in entrepreneurial responsibility.

Sustainable ESG-aligned

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